Loyalty Assure


MyAltairProspects, a division of Altair Customer Intelligence headquartered in Franklin, TN, specializes in the compilation and distribution of data to ensure our clients can be the first to market their products and services. Our proprietary logic ensures only highly deliverable names updated multiple times per week that offer the greatest likelihood for response.
We know that when you use better data you yield better results. And with better results come increased sales, improved response rates, and better returns on your marketing investments.

Our extensive, proprietary databases put better data within your reach. You can tailor your prospect lists with the cleanest, most recent and highest quality records available today.


"Better data leads to better decisions." From our very start, those six words have been the driving philosophy behind everything we do.

Altair began in Franklin, Tennessee as a direct marketing firm specializing in data aggregation and complex data processing. Along the way, we've evolved into an analytical solutions expert that helps business leaders maximize the power of their data and make informed decisions in an ever-expanding, ever-complex digital world.

Today, Altair is at the forefront of the data management, analytics and reporting fields. We have a variety of Fortune 1000 companies as clients, but we have special expertise in healthcare, financial and retail. Owned and operated by veteran marketers, we continue to grow and invest in technology to better serve our clients in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

We're not just an industry leader; Altair is also a thought leader. We conduct research that not only drives our progress, but also allows us to provide valuable insight to others.

Our mission: Helping businesses get more from their marketing investments.

The key to business development is knowing what motivates consumers to become customers, and customers to become loyal. Guesses - even educated ones - waste time, lead to poor outcomes and missed opportunities, and they're expensive.

To generate revenue, critical marketing decisions must be based on solid data and analytics. Altair's approach to Customer Intelligence helps businesses make informed decisions. Our extensive industry and marketing expertise gives our customers the tools they need for advancing their business and marketing goals.

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