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Altair Customer Intelligence Launches New Prospecting Website

Posted on July 2014

Franklin, Tennessee (July 7, 2014) – Altair Customer Intelligence is excited to announce the launch of its new prospecting website. Altair is committed to providing in-depth data, advanced analytics and reporting services for the healthcare, finance and retail industries. The new website was designed with functionality and innovation in mind.

New Website Offers Advanced Data Management, Analytics Capabilities

Altair’s prospecting website is faster than ever before. Additionally, the platform offers sophisticated analytical tools that allow marketers to gain detailed insights into their target audiences.

“Altair is an established expert in data collection, analytics and reporting,” said Shane Helfenberger, Vice President of Data Operations at Altair. “Our new website gives marketers the ability to access and segment seemingly infinite amounts of up-to-date information about their most valuable prospective customers. In addition, users have an incredible selection of advanced tools to use the data most effectively in marketing campaigns.”

The new website capitalizes on these incredibly rich databases to provide marketers the most in-depth and relevant information about their target audiences. The website includes models and databases, such as:

Consumer data

Mortgage data

Data pertaining to prospects for prime, FHA and 15-year refinance loans

Home equity prospect data

Reverse mortgage data

New mover (updated weekly) and new homeowner data (updated daily)

Altair’s segmentation capabilities ensure users can distinguish high-quality prospects, as the new website leverages advanced indexing and offers a greater number of selects and outputs. The site also provides flexibility for geography selects specifically allowing marketers to focus on the most relevant regions, cities, towns, neighborhoods or radius selections.

Additionally, marketers can use the new website to target new residents through demographics, survey data, deed records, modeled data and much more. Users can also access records about individual residents at a household or individual level.

Altair’s new prospecting website is a testament to Altair’s dedication to being an industry-leading source of valuable consumer insight.

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